Music Theory : Learn to Play Songs

It has several choices you can associate with that particular interval, and in fact you can just add...
you can add your own interval. Right here's the distance between notes and here's the speed, one being...
quarter note, 2 being an eighth note, 4 being a sixteenth note and so on.
so you can just put comma 3, comma 2, and setup your own song association.
You can also just play it from here
So if you've never heard the names of some of these songs you can just select it and play.
Most of these are really common so you should recognize at least the first ones on the list.
Ok I've reset the program, I'm going to explain what all this stuff is. It's actually just the statistics.
The blue bars indicate your current score. You start with 100% you have 100% score for all intervals. You haven't taken any questions.
So let me just play an interval so you can see how the statistics works. First lets get one right
and that's actually a minor third, so if I click it
It'll update the statistics and now it played a different question automatically. It played a different interval.
which is a minor seventh but lets get it wrong with a major seventh
and as we said before it'll show you the correct answer in the corner here which is a minor seventh.

Circle Of Fifths - Music Theory for Guitar

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